Final Fuck XXX: Tifa

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oh yes
is a good begin :3

Nothing new, we've seen it before, music too loud, art is decent in fight scene. Sex scene needs some improvement, it looks rather janky and unbelievable.

Can't comment on music or sound, but this is what I can say...
Visuals - Lacking
Appeal - Alright
Mechanics - Improvement needed

Tifa looks nice, the backgrounds are as basic as the original FF7, not to insult the original here.
There isn't much in terms of effects animation which is a tad disappointing when all we see are a few punches from Tifa and very little from the "pervert" himself. Dong is... okay? Looks a bit rough but there isn't much to complain about aside from some refinement.

A simple "defeat the heroine and reward" type of game. Dialogue is somewhat on point though I haven't played FF7 but know enough about it to get the idea.

Patterns are dependent on what you use and even when you defeat her, she can still use one of her potions when she's close to 0 recovering a somewhat medium amount or small amount. It wouldn't be so bad if it was consistent with how much they heal on both sides. Perhaps if they just healed 15% each, it wouldn't be so bad and more planning would be encouraged. But as it is, the regular Slash gets you one attack point for each use, maxing at 4. Double attack costs 2 points and Final costs 4. Both you and Tifa can only use 2 potions, so keep that in mind for the strategy.

Strategy to "get there":
Slash and Double Tifa's HP is down to about halfway. Then use potions where necessary and use the Final once she is down to 2/3 of her HP. The Slash or Double should be able to finish her off, just make sure to hold off and not use Final too often, she will destroy you. The pattern is not too hard to figure out with a bit of trial and error, I don't know if it will be worth it to some but it is merely a blow and a plow with minimal animation to go with it.

Made a small edit, forgot a small detail. This isn't too much of a game, it is a short time-passer, 5-6 minutes at most. No Pies to be seen... Village Re-Write is probably a better project to look at if you got time. Though it isn't everyone's cup of tea due to the amount of time necessary to progress. Oh well, hope for the best of these authors.

Found a bug. If you defeat her, but she would have defeated you on that turn, you get the "i lost" from her, but then she wins anyway and game over screen doesn't pop up.

The battle system was interesting but it kinda falls into a pattern after the first few turns. You just end up using the basic strike until you have enough for a finisher.

The reward at the end was disappointing, the animations look a bit wonky, it's not so bad on the sex position, but the blowjob looks awful. It's like she's trying to kill herself by choking on a giant breadstick.

Overall I think it just needs more polish, there's an interesting concept with the battle system, but the ending is anticlimactic.