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Roadside Boardin'

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Noob 5 Points

Score 100 Points

Amateur Skater 10 Points

Score 1000 Points

Pro Skater 50 Points

Score 5000 Points

Skate God 100 Points

Score 10000 Points

Author Comments


In Roadside Boardin' you take control of a 9-year-old's imagination as you picture a little skateboarder doing some sick tricks on the passing scenery during a very long car ride.

Each run of the game is meant to be quite short.

There are 3 layers of platforms you can jump on.

This game was made for the Phaser Game Jam 2020.

This game should be compatible with most mobile devices.


You are 9 years old. You are on a very long road trip with your family. In a state of sheer boredom, you stare out the window from the backseat of the car. That's when you see a little skateboarder doing some sick tricks on the passing scenery.

Keyboard Controls

  • Jump : Space, you can double jump - and in fact, must in order to go up to the layer of platforms above you
  • Tricks : Arrow keys, combinations of two adjacent arrow keys perform different tricks than single arrow keys
  • Pause : P key

Touch Screen Controls

  • Jump : Tap, you can double jump - and in fact, must in order to go up to the layer above you
  • Tricks : Swipe, swiping different directions will perform different tricks
  • Pause : Tap button in the top right corner


What's that? You're not already following KawaiSprite? Better go remedy that!

KawaiSprite - Street Racer


  • Grab tricks (any trick excluding those that involve the up arrow key/upward swipes) are worth more points than flip tricks and spin tricks, but take longer to complete.
  • You do not get points for tricks you do not complete.
  • Mix up your combos! You are penalized for repeating the same trick.
  • You can drop down to the platform layer below you by pressing the down arrow key or swiping down as long as you are not in the middle of a jump or fall. This can help you avoid hitting the animals.
  • If the game is only a black screen, or if you see black boxes with green X's where the menu should be, you'll need to refresh the game. I'm not sure why this happens, it just doesn't like to load sometimes.

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The squirrels were annoying. Good concept tho ☺️

NO WAY GETTING 100 points is easy the highest i can get is 25 its funny at first when i was dying alot and finding out what I could skate on and what i could not the squiles did not kill me infact i hit one and did not do nothing I finally realize where all spots I can jumpTHEN the squillers and birds start to kill me re rentless lol

Freaking every ten seconds there is an impossible jump or a bird that you cant dodge its luck screw this!

Aww this was pretty fun! I enjoyed jumping and nosegrinding along the buildings. The only thing stopping me rating it higher is that very often impossible jumps would appear, usually as a result of 'animal cruelty' right before the end of a roof, meaning you had no time to jump again (even when double-jumping). That aside, it was pretty fun :)

Not too bad, especially considering you went crazy and made TWO games for Phaser Jam.

Biggest gripe I have is if you play with a mouse, he jumps when you RELEASE the button rather than when you PRESS it.

GoodL responds:

Yeah this is actually an issue that I never found a good solution to get around - and as I was just typing out what the problem was I realized exactly how to fix it. Damn. Hindsight is 20-20.

I'll say anyway, the reason that happens is because I never intended for anyone to play with the mouse. The only reason the mouse works at all is because I used "pointer" to capture touch input. The pointerdown function gets the pointer x and y and then the pointerup function calculates swipes and what to do in response to those swipes. Now I'm realizing I could have just checked if the player was grounded in the input down, and if that was the case it could have just been a jump instead of a swipe detection. That probably would have even made mobile work better too.

Ah well.

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2020
3:45 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Phaser 3