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Deception of Honor [Alpha 0.1.48 public]

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Author Comments

Please keep in mind that not all parts of the game works well on Newgrounds.

This update has a few LESS bugs and is a work in progress, for this update your aim should be to check out the Nightclub as much as possible and befriend Poison Ivy. We've also added lewd Zatanna pool side content if you can corrupt her.

Consider downloading and playing the latest build of Deception of Honor on PC, and Mac on the about page of our Patreon or on Itch.io (runs a bit smoother and has some animations)







Click to advance, or press spacebar/enter.

press [h] to hide the text window and [h] again to unhide

Press [s] or [esc] to bring up the Save/Load menu.

Click the highlighted text to select a choice when prompted.

Hover over doors to select when prompted.

If you encounter any of the following bugs, please message us here on Newgrounds so we can help you resolve them:

-If the game is loading very slowly, it's probably taking up a lot of ram. closing other tabs and/or programs could help

-If the Game crashes at the beginning (allow all settings to save locally)

-If the Game freezes during play (try reloading the AutoSave)

-If any other problem persists, and we do not respond fast enough, please try our downloading and playing the full Demo on our patreon page linked above

How to allow file storage: Right click the game, select settings, click the folder and make sure you have it set to allow local file storage. If you're crashing at the start this is probably the cause.


Deception of Honor is an adult Visual Novel under development by Lucky Light Games. The game revolves around seducing and/or dominating various attractive superheroes as Nightwing. If you'd like to know more about the game or access the latest builds, please visit our Patreon linked above.

All character likeness depicted in this game is of characters over the age of 18. This is a comic superhero based parody and is in no way affiliated with the company or character likeness and is entirely fan made.

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a bit of bug's but fun to fuck the women One suggestion make a marvel one with black widow