Third Crisis (0.19.1)

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can you please let me give the extra weapons that i have to my party members pls

stuck at 90 percent, I've tried refreshing multiple times but it still doesn't load

AnduoGames responds:

That can mean that
- Your browser doesn't support WebGL
- WebGL is disabled in your browser
- Your hardware doesn't support WebGL

If you don't think it's any of the above, give it a few minutes. It shouldn't take longer than a minute at 90% (that's when the engine is initialized after the download is complete), but who knows.

stuck at 90% even after waiting 2 hours

Aside from the obvious reason a lot of people played this, the story is wonderfully written. The characters and art are great, and the controls are retro and simple. There were a few bugs, but nothing to rage at. I look forward to the rest of the story!

This game is great, but there are a few things that are purple options that don't add perversion. All of them should, imo. Plus, it's kinda weird that the milestone for when she can take off her jumpsuit outside is the same milestone for when she can go completely nude. There should be a bit of breathing room between the two. Also, there should be a console command to disable the "gearcheck" where she says she can't go out without her gear.

AnduoGames responds:

The console command to disable the gear check is 's3ndnoods'.