Brigitte Loves Feet!

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Feet are cute. CUTE!

D.Va is played by Lady Lustria (https://twitter.com/LadyLustria). D.Va rig is by Mets3D (https://twitter.com/Mets3D) and the Brigitte rig is by Arhoangel (https://twitter.com/arhoangel).



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I fin foot fetish disgusting but the joke caught me off guard

5 stars for the joke and great animation

Me: Foot fetishes are definitley weird
Brigitte: "........mo"

This is really cute. I'm not familiar with these characters or the storyline from Overwatch, but I do think Dva is hot. Seen enough content here to get me into her and of that one chick who's name I think Elizabeth got me to get Bioshock free on PS Plus. I hope I didnt mess that up. Well anyway thanks for being another person who's making me curious. I dont like feet in a sexual way, but I do think they are cute. I may be in the minority when it comes to those who like feet. This was well done and I loved it for the cuteness and the humor. The look on her face when she's got the foot in her mouth was priceless and her cute expression as she says no. I like how she has such enjoyment of the foot love yet true to human nature still soft judges it while receiving the foot loving. Anyway, super adorable. Her giggle is my favorite part. I get giggly around feet too.

BaronStrap responds:

Appreciate the detailed review, Synikal. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, wow! Very playful and sexy foot worship! I love the animation! Foot fetish hentai animations are rare to come by on this site. As someone who admires women's feet, I greatly approve of this! ^^