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Ty Lee and Azula in "In for a Mile" (18+) - By GasprArt

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My first large completed project! If you like this, follow me on @gasprArt on twitter! I'm always striving to put out good content, so my goal is to make the next project even better! Check me out there :)

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my childhood is gone

Love Avatar, Loved the animation and drawing style in this, loved the voice acting, loved EVERYTHING!!! Keep up the good work!

Magnificent animation, I love the smoothness of it !
Good story and dub too.

HOLY FICKING SHIT , i made an acc for this video and all i have to say is thank you, those are probly the best animated feet i have ever seen, and trust me i have watched a shitton of animated porn and hentai, gogo power rangers, if anyone has suggestions that are similar to this in terms of animated feet i would really be thankful, i dont have a foot fetish btw, its just that feet express what the woman is feeling just as well as her face

wonderfully silly