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Nice work

This was a great flash movie the black and white element was different and nice some added subtitles would work well with this one, I could see this going alot more further with lots more stuff and visuals added, So just a few things to think about, but anyways good start So-Far, You have something good here Allthough it does need abit more, But for the most part you have some decent work here and I wouldnt mind seeing how far you can take it, You can give this a cutting edge touch Or a ritzy feel, Just needs to be turbo charged but it will be better for any effort and for the most part you have created just that here.

some added subtitles would work well with this one


ah, a good little movie.
nice drawing of rob clock, as he ponders about the issues of everyday life, from debts, to work/overworking and facing existential dread, topics that are always current and evident in modern life (sadly).

the animation was smooth, and i really liked how rob's monologue builded up to the final scene where he was holding down the queue at the supermarket.
the other clocks were nicely drawn too.

all in all, this was an OK movie.

haha that was great!

Such an history... Voted 5 so hard.