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Zelda's Bar Night

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Princess Zelda and her hero were enjoying themselves in a tavern just outside of Hyrule castle, when suddenly their night became a lot more intimate.

Voiced by: https://twitter.com/PeachyMizz

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(https://patreon.com/mrinhuman or https://ko-fi.com/mrinhuman)

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Not bad though it could use some more squash and stretch. Since they're boning on the table I'd recommend adding a bit of a shake to the table with each thrust from Link and a small audible thud as the table rocks. The keg on the table should shudder as well and the ham, though moving, needs more of movement rather than the small a loop of you have here.

If possible I would switch up the angle of the shot. Though I know that takes more render time it ultimately will add more impact to the animation as a whole. WIth these in mind I can see you improving and I wish you all the best in your efforts :)

Link finally got rewarded

The animation is pretty nice, but the artifacts take away a lot of the viewability...

I like it!