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It was a scant 6 years ago that I originally made this animation, the first time one Billiardball10 was permanently banned from the Clock Crew. That ban was lifted for a time, and once again enacted... and Newgrounds' very own Chris-chan moved on to the newly formed Discord server. Now, in this year of our lord, two thousand and twenty, three years since having been exiled from the community proper, BB10 has taken it unto himself to depart.

We shall never forget him.

No matter how hard we try.

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I need to read up on Clock history...


i for one welcome kittykrewfan2006

as red said, ''BB10 rests in piss'' (sic).
i couldn't expect anything less from you, bob.

but i have an interesting question to ask:
who is the obsessive lunatic here, the person who never talks to you for the last 5+ years, or the guy who keeps mocking me, even after my ban?
i will wait.

despite that, i guess its typical of some petty+vindictive people to hold a grudge like that, even after all those years.

but i digress. lets review this movie.
OK, its a static of BB10's gravestone, with various dates+notes on it.
the music is a great scottish song with bagpipes, a sound which always makes me happy.
then, the scene remains static, until rob clock pisses on BB10's grave.
typical of rob, ofcourse, to kick people while they're down.

OK, the movie has simple visuals, static animation, and a single scene unfolding in there.
nothing much, without any extreme innovation.
as for the plot? its malicious, but i shall vote it fairly.

cheers bobby boy, now stop adding me in your movies, will ya? ;)

haha, piss:D

BB10C living in our hearts

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2020
7:45 AM EST