Queen's Brothel 0.8.4

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What is Queen's Brothel?

Queen's Brothel is a day-to-day RPG style game where you, Queen, try to run a successful brothel. Complete quests that are part of the story to recruit more girls into the brothel.

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I remember when I first stepped upon Queen's Brothel. I knew it had potential and will be big but the improvement and polishing it's been undergoing are just amazing! Queen's Brothel is one of very few games I play again and again and I never get bored. Some may say that earning gold is tiresome and takes a lot of time but I kinda enjoy the grind. I really like how the drawings and animations change and crystallise in terms of style.
Keep up the good work, you're going great!

DPMaker responds:

Thanks so much. I'm glad you've seen the great progress we've made so far, this was an entirely different game a year ago!!

good game but the income isn't a lot

Nice game if im not mistaken i have played an earlier version of it seems their is a good amount of new content but not much new content in the area of art. The criticism i have for the game dosent really mean much because this game is still in the earlier stages so im certain their will be lots of changes in the future. Obviously a little more art would be appreciated but the only real thing i seen desirable was money it was a good grind to get the 2,000 so u could expand your house for the princess the brothel just really dosent make much money and their are caps on how much u can make depending on how far u are in the game even if your clients are higher lvl. This also runs into the fact that u can easily clear all clients for the day and still have plenty of energy yet no clients to make money off of more clients or harder clients that pay better would really speed things up. The exp also becomes a grind since repeating your daily boss and daily clients is all u can do it kinda loses a little bit of the luster some more side quest missions or something that engages the player a little more other than simple grind repeat of the same 2 things for days on end would be nice. I also noticed when at rest u gain .2 energy but if u only need to heal .01 it will still use .2 it dose not sound like much but when your constantly switching girls it can add up their is a wast of energy their. I will say i seen the princesses off balanced stats to be interesting made me pay attention to the position of the clients and gave me something to work toward with trying to ether balance or possibly make certain girls be a little more job orientated, added a little interesting possibility with builds. With that being said im sure their are many plans to add such content since this game is still in the early stages all in all i liked it and enjoyed playing it and hope to see a more completed game that is more fluent up to the point of the newest update so it dosent feel just like a brand new product with a hazy future.

I think it could use even just a little gold gain on all the repeat boss fights or parts where there is none at all

Love the game! I always look for more