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Despot Desires

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Warning bugs and Load times*
We are aware of the games html 5 version bugs. please download the latest free build from our Patreon


Your Currently Playing an Out Dated Version of this game!!!* (Ver.1.5)

Extra Content, Behind the Scenes, DLC, and... The Full Game Download HERE!





The Kutawala Crystal stone passed down through the Ages as Myth, Legend; A beautiful female Overlord bent on ending the human race, and a Hero trying to understand it all. Time doesn't matter but does Love? Learn more about the Ancient Gem, join the hero in capturing the "Evil" Overload, then, build their lives in love or Burn it all in Lust, you choose.​

**NOTE** - This Online Version may include bugs, exclusions and other issues, due to conversion from Renpai.exe.

To play the game without bugs or exclusions Download the Free Desktop version from our Patreon to avoid viruses, copy cats, and missing content.


Extra ContentBehind the Scenes, DLC, and... Full Game Download HERE!

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Love this game, still waiting for more, it's amazing

too much clicking not enough actual game "playing"... and the animation... sorry man not a fan


So, I'm stuck, Every time I walk into OVERLORD's room it automatically plays the training plan scene, and it repeats until the night, so I can't figure out how to help around the house anymore :(

EDIT: I have now completed help around the house after restarting, however now I cannot "talk with caroline more"....

If you deny your urges you get stuck in a loop cleaning, drinking tea, having a fairy tale read at you and getting the option to kiss her or not. Can't leave the house to explore the town.

You should have had a fail state at that point.

::edit:: N/M Found the map... The text assumes I raped her. A LOT. Check your conditions when you write dialogue.