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Enter Rube & Beebs

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Where the hell is this story going?

Seriously, I'm asking.

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Where the hell is this story going? Asking for a Pop-Tart.

Not bad though. Wherever this is.


OMG, that was awesome!
i loved how nicely you've incorporated the basis of the OTB teamwork idea and settings, and that with BB10 and radiotube, a new plot unfolds...
the scene with banana lock visiting ellen was hilarious (excellent TTS for all the characters, BTW, very funny and unique work)

also, the ''corrupted'' flash movie scene from ''clock-cops'' was funny, but indeed it would seem ''wrong'' to BB10's keen eye for detail (lol jk)
but seriously tho, this is a nice premise for the next part(s) of your FF project.

i always liked how funny, well-animated and clever your movies are, not to mention the many cool little details in them (such as the greek words on radiotube's panel, etc etc)
furthermore, all of the characters are nicely drawn and very cool too.

i really enjoyed this movie (and its premise too), thanks for the cameo, and keep up the good work!

Pop-Tart responds:

Glad you're enjoying them. I'm always grateful for your reviews!

Looks like Rube and Beebs might be shaping up to be the heroes of this series. We shall see!!

lold at bananalock scene

First he kidnaps Gir, and then Radiotube, who's style well be stolen next by this madman!?

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