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Jan '20 Patreon Voted Anim - Starfire/Raven/Jinx

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Ah yes, most lovely indeed.

Yall should make it a full movie

Needs more cumshot!

I mean... Jinx is kinda not there...
Motion wise though: It's passable. Just feels very cobbled together so to speak-
You should prolly have mentioned in the title, or... anywhere alongside tags that its a genderswap. Description is usually a good place. So people can know it's not the actual characters, but genderswapped variants.

That said: What's up with Starfire's balls? They are flopping rather oddly for him xD
Like a weird sideways, solid motion.
Anyhow: Oral sounds are a bit "eh"... anal are fine.
Not sure what's with the "dubstep" tag either... all and all, a couple tweaks aside: It is passable.