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Bad game

the sfx are extremely loud and harsh in the opening, like many times louder than the music.
it's not clear what the 2nd drop down option does if anything
movement is responsive, but every other key is not, especially when jumping from platforms. also i found that the game wouldnt allow me to save or enter doors until i had pressed the key several times in a row, and this is not due to lag as im playing on a brand new pc.
if the only use of the mouse is to change menu options, we should not have to use it in game to proceed through pop ups. it would be nice if you let us press any key to continue like most other games do
health bar and coin counter did not appear until the 2nd level.
since this is really not an RPG but a hop and bop platformer, it would be nice if you could change the label. this site is already sorely lacking in new RPGs to begin with, and although it's not half bad, i was disappointed to find this one miscategorized because i am looking for an rpg.
fyi i am just writing down bug notes so i hope this doesnt sound overly critical. seems like a pretty good game.

It has the potential to be a fun dungeon crawler. Howevern i think the level design is lacking. There's also too much startlag on the sword slash after pressing Z. But i encourage you to continue working on this game, and refine it !

Encountered a bug today, everytime I die I am reincarnated I need to reload the whole game cause otherwise i stay with 0 health and am reincarnated and immediately killed and reloaded and repeat.... I also have no clue which level im on.... but its near the gold monster, first encounter.

AndreiUnity responds:

Oh, thanks for telling me that, I will try to fix it as soon as possible :)