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Karate Zatch 2: Duo Doods!

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Za Video, Dood!: https://youtu.be/zB8RwYflYzM

Zatch is up for some more of his

Rythem Based Brawling! Now along with a

peep who "Totally wants in on this, Dood!"

Who also for some reason wanted to know

if "Swords were allowed~★"

Artist Notes:

About two weeks in the making, 200+ Coloring and Linework

layers and over 50 doodles doodled. I am spent

Like a record, dood~! =‿=;

But I gotta say this came out pretty well,

picked up some pace since Karate Zatch 1.

The first took me a whole month to make,

this one only took me half. (T ‿-;

DEFINITELY gonna get back into the groove of

doodling single doodles but, Animation doodles

feel a lot more doable now. ╹‿╹)~★

Doodle Notes:

*Practice, Dood!*

Animations call for tons of Doodles, effects

Editing, Redoodling, Reworking, and everything

in-between. Tackling that biz usually all

at once will only help Art flow!

I strongly suggest giving animating a shot

if you feel like your having a hard time doodling

your doods because by the time you're done; Drawing

a peep will be second nature. ◠‿╹)

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