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Phew! It's finally out, and I got some words to speak about it;

I started working on this back in September, my tiny brain thought I'd be able to finish this as a Halloween project but NOOO, OF COURSE NOT, ANIMATION TAKES TIME!

I promise you, tho; I had fun with this, but GOD was it STRESSFUL.

There was a ton of moments in this animation where I got to practise movement, and I feel that thru-out this animation that it honestly helped me improve, so I'm happy that it was late, but OH BOY DID THIS TEACH ME TO START PROJECTS WAY EARLIER!

I do just wanna thank Nola, Tenshi and Momo for all the amazing help thru this messy project, you all are angels!

I know this will be an awesome addition to my portfolio for sure!

My next project will be even bigger, but this time it got no deadline, so watch out ?



Nola Klop - https://twitter.com/nolaklop (Voice actress for Wayward!)

Momopafu - https://twitter.com/MomoPafu (Made more than half of the bg's!)

TenshiHanka - https://twitter.com/TenshiHanka (Remixed the main song that Wayward sings!)

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This is incredible

This animation style is really cool!

You might want to edit the credits in your author comments to contain the direct Twitter links instead of YouTube redirect links

PoundToundHound responds:

Hmm, it's odd that it does that at all, I'll see what I can do! Thank you for the rating! <3

I want to pay her a visit, what's her adress?

Not to be mean or anything, But When I first saw Wayward, I couldn't tell if she was an edgy teen or a middle aged woman until she opened her mouth (kinda the the same with the little boy), not that that's a bad a bad thing because in the end everything fit so well together, in fact even though I know that know that Wayward's filling a role that would usually belong to a male, I can't imagine a male character taking her place. Funny thing, something similar happened when I saw the main character Malady from the Kaiju-A-Gogo DLC Grey Goop, I was convinced that she was an edgy teen until I heard her talk, I wonder why that is? Anyway, onto the other aspect of this cartoon; when the door closes the bottom changes shape to fit the doorway, the mouth on her hat switches to the middle of the green from between the green and purple, she reminds me of Spinel, but that's obviously because they're inspired from the same source, and after rewatching this several times, I finally noticed that after Wayward turns herself to goo, while the boy's talking, you can hear music in the background. The pictures on the wall and the drawings suggests that she was originally a drawing / cartoon character that the old man brought to life, of course we watching this think this, while people in universe who see that would just assume that he was just a friend of hers, the black things dangling from her pants might support this, if they're supposed to be ink. Also she suggests that she's magically making the candy from scratch, which is no surprised considering her magical nature. The hat and cackling suggest that she's a mix between a jester and a witch, but that's probably unintentional, and she's just meant to be a magic jester. Lastly, at the end we see the trope where a spooky character has bad social skills and scares away potential friends, haven't see that in awhile, I think it's mostly associated with the Adams Family. I really enjoyed this, solid voice acting, cartoony art, writing, and animation, I hope to see more Wayward in the future, maybe that little boy too.

PoundToundHound responds:

Thank you very much for this, was a joy to read! I am glad that you pointed out the little things too, makes me happy that people can notice things like that lol, even if some might be mistakes lol! Thank you so much! I will see if there will be more Wayward in the future, she was fun to animate!

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4.03 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2020
4:49 PM EST

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