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new shower

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Introducing the RINSE shower, the new smart shower for the new decade. It's packed with features like an HD touchscreen, power scrubbing and bidet attachments, a built-in online soap store, and thousands of other ways to customize your personal shower experience. Just take a look at this happy customer enjoying his new RINSE shower!

...Holy fucking shit, 5 VIDEOS IN 2 WEEKS! This is the first time in nearly a decade that I've finally found a way to make videos consistently AND happily! I've never felt more on top of the world than now, especially after spending all these years trying to find the perfect video formula. However, I can't keep uploading every four days anymore, especially with all the all-nighters I've been pulling and my college's winter break ending.

Going forward though, new videos will now drop EVERY THURSDAY!! Whether you've been here all the way from my two old channels or just recently joined, thank you all SO MUCH for watching the new uploads!! I've been waiting a very long time for this glorious day to come, and 2020 is gonna be a damn good year. See you all soon ❤️

youtube mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGHaRfx_Op4

overworld: https://wavetro.net/

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this is gods shower in a nutshell

i wish i had that shower

Another great cartoon that sets up the jokes. My favorite was about Australia being on fire. I forgot that! I just assumed everything bad that happened this year was the fault of the virus. Oh, that was probably caused by it too. At least Mr. Peanut came back to life.

Great final punchline too. In many of these cartoons, those are often the best parts. You just keep giving out the jokes. I believe $14 is quite expensive for shampoo. You show great animation with the shower shifting around.

(if people could control cube)

I want one