(+18) The Legend of the Spirit Orbs

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Hello everybody!

Here's another update for my Zelda parody game. This time featuring Paya, the patreon-favourite girl!

Also, I added some new cool features: an upgraded shop, a combo system, cool explosions and some other cool stuff. Go check for yourself!

If you want more updates on this and get more stuff, consider supporting me on patreon!




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I busted like 7 times to this

this is one of those puzzle grind games done right, make it short and never too hard but adding difficulty after each success. would recommend using an actual mouse though as using a touch pad makes it damn near impossible to move around quickly.

Eh, I enjoy the game and I really like the animation, overall, good try at an effective game.

looking at Payas 3rd scene I can say that the 3rd scene of Zelda could use a rework since you can already animate that good. Besdies that great work

pretty decent and fun. I don't really care about the porn but, having zelda symbols was nice because they're very familiar to me.
for anyone who thinks it's too hard, after playing for a while you get used to the differences between the symbols and what to look for when certain ones come up. more importantly though, just visit the shop. every time you click a correct orb you get rupees and you can use those to increase the time limit, get a compass ability that kinda helps a little sometimes (it's not great but sometimes when it's really upgraded it can be nifty) and get a bonus explosion that actually counts towards your spirit orb total at the end. it takes a little patience but it's not nearly as grindy as a lot of porn games for some reason (why the heck are so many porn games so damn grindy?)