Expectation Break

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Life is a lot of things, but easy isn't one of them.


Thanks a ton for Front page!

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holy shit!

Foxcato responds:

Thank you for your review. I usually try to make things that have a more positive feel, but sometimes you've got to wrestle with the darkness too.

the meaning of life, a question as old as time itself.
while it's kinda true that our names may vanish from history what we do is eternal, who knows, maybe people in the next century or beyond will not know our names but maybe stuff they do start as an idea we got and made.
Pretty nice short, it's well... short but says a lot with very few words.

Foxcato responds:

Thank you. I was really pouring my soul into this one. So it makes me really happy that it's getting such a positive response from people.

this is a very beautiful and haunting movie, for it makes the viewer to think about the beauty of life, of nature, but also the horrifying part of life, when things go dark and hopeless sometimes.

i liked how the movie started with inkwell clock walking into an empty room, and thinking ''is there a meaning in this? or did i do all this hard work for nothing?''
and then the whole room+ inkwell clock fade away into the void.

and there we see, the dark scenes where a person is down and crying, as the darkness surrounds him.
and upon that horrible darkness of despair, suddenly, the majesty of colours, the splendor of nature emerges in order to provide a necessary contrast to the darkness: light, and life.

and so the movie moves on, on the duality of darkness and light, of sadness and the joys of nature, of hopelessness VS hope, and so on.

as the battle of despair and hope rage on, we eventually reach a point where nature ''wins'', or at least provides the protagonist with enough hope to stand up again.
life. nature. trees, hope.
and a little cat stands in there inside a jar, curiously watching the person.
and while things are not fully fixed (can they ever be?), life finds a way, and the light shines inside.
in my mind, what happens next is that the person finds the courage to get out of the darkness and to start walking forward again.
he is wounded, but not defeated, for he must carry on, and he must stay strong, despite the harsh adversities that he has faced in this trip.
for now he has hope, and life (nature), showed him the way.

the movie had excellent animation, very good animation speed+pace, while the linework and the whole design of the heroes (from inkwell clock, to the depressed person), to the live-action video shots+photos of the forest/of nature, which where nicely weaved into the animations whole layout, everything was masterfully done, and beautifully created, in not just a visually beautiful movie, but also a very true, and emotional one as well, with a touching message about a familiar struggle that many people face in life.

thank you for this excellent movie, inkwell/foxcato.
you are a good person with a kind heart and with an exceptional talent.
be well, and remember: the light always finds a way to beat the darkness.

be well, and keep up the good work!

Foxcato responds:

Thank you so much, BB10. Your reviews are always a joy to read. And you really caught on to what I was trying to convey here too. So that was great to see as well.

Good video. It makes you think.

Many people think life has no meaning. That there is no sense in living.
You're right, there is no definitive reason in life but that's the beauty of it.
You paint your own path. Make your own masterpiece.
Like a canvas is blank, so is the Earth and so is the Universe.....
As you go through your journey you learn, adapt and overcome hardships.
That alone gives you the RIGHT to live and the right to move forward.
So add your own colour to this bland world and make your own reason to exist.
There may be no set reason to be, but there is a reason to leave your mark.
Because life is precious.

Sorry to be heavy. Good short movie. 5/5

Have a good day.

Foxcato responds:

Thank you for your well thought out review. I was in a pretty bad place, when I made this movie. I was feeling down because of some bad stuff going in my life and on top of that I felt like I wasn't going anywhere artistically and was about to give up on creating art all together. Making this movie was very therapeutic for me though. I feel like I'm ready to move forward now.

idk how many if the assets used are yours, but this was really good! You perfectly capture the feeling of being an animator, uh I mean... despair in a very surreal and poignant, yet simple and direct way. The animation and art is quite good, especially those paintings near the beginning. Good job!

Foxcato responds:

Thank you! I took all the photos used in this movie myself and did all the drawing too.
Yeah, art can be incredibly frustrating some times. But it's all worth it in the end. And that's something you gotta remember.

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Jan 28, 2020
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