The Queen's secret ~Elsa Frozen~

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You know, these palace intrigues are secrets where not every queen wants to follow the palace rules and obligations that impose her position on her. Elsa from such queens who wants to do everything her own way. And in this cold mind one very interesting and lustful idea was born which was supposed to help her with her female needs. And the main character became a victim of this idea that will drag him into those events.


Voice acting:

Elsa - MissMoonified

Anna - SilkyMilk


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Animation and voices were really well done, only a couple of complaints. 1 is how pale Elsa looked in some of the shots... she looked more like a corpse than anything. 2 some of the physics were... too much like jello, not lifelike. Besides that i thought it was very well done.

MissMoonified responds:

Thank you for the compliments on the voice work!

Pretty good! The only things I can suggest:

Her breasts seem to be made of two, independent life forms that are both eager to escape her chest, only in different directions. Give them some weight and some physics and they'll look more real.

Her mouth deforms into a frightening maw when you try and zoom in during a blow job. Maybe, if the model doesn't work right and look natural there, avoid those close shots like that.

Obviously the cum doesn't work well on the dress, but I'm guessing there isn't much you can do about that.

The voice is almost totally undecipherable when the... Sort of unexplained sudden resurgence of the apple poison thing happens?

The vagina itself looks okay, as good as these models ever look I guess, but the flesh surrounding it looks like play dough stretched around the skeleton to cover a gap.

The characters all move a little unnaturally and... I'm not sure... But I think it's because they all feel like they are in a rush. I know it must be amazingly difficult to animate this kind of stuff, but if you just slowed them down a little, added some more frames and some more natural reactions and pauses, they'd feel less like they were actors rushing through their lines to get paid ASAP and more like people.

I don't know if the script writer has English as a first language, but I think the voice actor is struggling a little with how unnatural some of the lines are. Most of the words themselves are fine, just the unnatural and stilted way they come together:

"Go there." when pointing to a hiding spot, unlike the more natural feeling "Hide behind the privacy screen." or "Quick, get out of sight." or something like that.

"She should not be here." as opposed to "She's not meant to be in here." or "She shouldn't be in my room."

"What are you doing here? You must be on a journey."... I'm guessing is meant to be "How did you get here? You're miles away from home." or "What brings you here? You must have traveled for days."

Aside from those handful of little things, this is some of the best stuff on here! It's obvious time and care went into it, it's scripted, it's smooth to watch. With all the 5 second, silent, rubbery looking loops, this is awesome! Thank you!

Dezmall responds:

Thank you for such a review. it was interesting and useful to read it! And no English is not my native language :) I think for all voice actors the real test is to decipher my text. :))

I was literally about to say no, I like the MC please don't kill him XDDDDD

That was pretty dope. The whole diening part ruined things as the sound was muffled but I'm sure it was not plot related as it was intentional for the sound to be muffled.

Mahn. your plot is great . dialogue great. but the animation is shit. look at artists like hydrafxx or derpixon. their animation is much more better. try that out. and i promise you will see better ratings, no shit.