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Lara Croft Blowjob Belly inflation Cum in throat

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I understand having a fetish for inflation, but it honestly made no sense in this context. He'd need to have fed her a much, MUCH larger amount of cum or something...

Solid attempt. The animation's pretty good, and the models are sexy/well done. The angle at the start is great for the deepthroat, but it seems like he dumped a gallon ofcum down her throat in like 1 second, or her stomach just inflated out of nowhere.
I'd suggest extending the deepthroat, maybe add a couple of gags, or some cum leaking out of her mouth, and have the camera pan over and show the inflation then. It would better sell the specific fetish you're going for.
As it is now, it's good technically, just lacking from a director standpoint.

This honestly makes no sense even for the inflation fetishist. Her stomach wasn't inflated with cum in the sense that she had too much quantity shot down her throat, but instead her stomach pokes out after she pulls away like the cum is undergoing a reaction in her stomach. Just so you know Semen=/=Alkaseltzer.