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World War Wizards

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The Sentinel 25 Points

Destroy the Sentinel

The Zeppelin 25 Points

Destroy the Zeppelin

The Barbarian 50 Points

Kill Hitler as a Barbarian

The Paladin 50 Points

Kill Hitler as a Paladin

The Ranger 50 Points

Kill Hitler as a Ranger

The Rogue 50 Points

Kill Hitler as a Rogue

The Wizard 50 Points

Kill Hitler as a Wizard

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


In World War Wizards, you play as medieval fantasy warriors and you kill Nazis.


Check the Tutorial Room to the left of the first room.

A and D or Arrow Keys to move

Space/W/Up Arrow to jump

Left click to attack

Right click to use special

Hold Left/Right Click to aim ranged weapons/specials

Press E when standing in front of the signs to go between rooms (all enemies must be dead before you can leave the room)

Press E to pick up items

P to Pause

Hold the special/attack button down and move the mouse around the screen to control wisp spells

Game Pads/Controllers

This game offers gamepad support on some operating systems running certain browsers. I don't know which systems can and cannot use the gamepad support, it has only been tested on Windows 10 running Google Chrome. Turn on gamepad settings in the options menu to show gamepad buttons in the HUD instead of the default keyboard displays.


The songs in this game were taken, with permission, from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Check out more of these artists' works, they are all great at what they do and deserve more attention for it!

DeltaRhoGamma - Abyss

DeltaRhoGamma - Critical

Immitis - Apocalypsis

Immitis - Revelation

ninjamuffin99 - extrachips*

Rorrapalooza - Rack Extension Reckoning

swosp - True Upper Hand

*ninjamuffin99 made extrachips for this game, it plays when you beat the game. Thanks, Cam!

The Future of World War Wizards

We are open to the continued development of this game. Constructive criticism is welcomed!

Support Us

We put a lot of time and effort into this project. If you liked it, please consider buying us a coffee:



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Walkthrough or Guide on how to beat the game and kill Hitler (at least once)

You wanna pick the The Rogue. Imo he is the best character in the game because he comes equipped with the best weapon: Sword and the arguably best secondary ability: Dash

The Sword is the best weapon because Attack Speed is the strongest element in the game and this is the fastest starter weapon. Eventhough its melee and some enemies are flying, it is still the best weapon, because those flying enemies always have an attack or movement in meleerange.

Shadow Step (or just dash) is the best or 2nd best ability because you can dash out of danger, generally have more speed around the maps and you can traverse vertical passages easily by dashing while climbing the ladder, to kind of glitchy dash upwards.

The most important item you want to look out for is the Lifeblood Potion (dark red bell, or old telephone looking thing) which will basically give you health regeneration up to full health. (When you start out the game your health regen is up to about half health I would say) Secondary you want to look out for the Brown Potion, giving you more strength aka damage output.

Level 1: Proceed through the levels mostly holding right and holding left click to kill everything. Dash when you are low on health or wanting to get out of a large group of enemies if your health regen isn't high yet. Collect the potions mentioned (you can collect the other potions aswell but they will not have any effect on this character[I also don't fully understand every potion]) Don't collect any other weapons, as the Sword is the best. There is one alternative secondary ability which is a gold heart, which you can use to instantly heal yourself. This one can be taken if you feel like you need the extra lifesaver.

First Boss (The Zeppelin): Climb the 3 different structures and destroy the satellite towers, prompting a cutscene where the Zeppelin is slowly descending. Stand under or in the Zeppelin and keep holding attack. You don't have to dodge the attack or bombs from the Zeppelin that much, because your health regen is mostly stronger than the attack (only exception is when he shoots the bomb in a tight cluster, which can potentially burst you down). In a lot of runs, the Zeppelin always went to the bottom left corner, where you can easily hold Attack and defeat it. Afterwards it will crash down with another lifebar. Simply walk into or up to it and hold attack again.

Collect (all) the potions especially the 2 mentioned and proceed to the next level.

Level 2: Basically just hold right and left click, dashing when needed. After some levels in the next section you will get to the bigger bird (The Sentinel) in the sky. This boss is optional, as you could simply walk to the far right and go to the next level.

Second Boss (The Sentinel): If you want to kill it however, wait for his laserbeam attack and dash in the opposite direction of which the bird is flying. After some flying he will come down and attack you. Hold down attack to damage it. Your health regen at this point should always quickly bring you back to full life. Repeat that process until the 2nd phase in which the bird will spawn smaller birds and shoot little lasershots instead of a beam. Kill the smaller birds when you have the chance and dash out of potential lethal damage. The big bird will fly down and attack you after you killed some of his birds. Repeat until he is dead. (Note: I guess the medal is bugged, since I have killed it numerous times but I never got the medal)

Collect the potions again and proceed.

Level 3: Same as before, simply walk through the levels killing all enemies and dashing when needed.

Third and final Boss (Hitler): Walk to the bottom right corner where you will find him. At this point your damage output will be enough to hit him a few times before he will teleport away prompting a cutscene. He will teleport to the top left and spawn a lot of enemies. Go up there and kill them all, dashing out to safety when you health gets low to regen it quickly back. When every nonHitler is dead, attack him a few times again until he teleports to the top right. Repeat as before until he teleports bottom left. Another horde of enemies, always look out for your health and dash when getting low. He then teleports to bottom right with another horde of enemies. Afterwards you attack him until his second phase in which he becomes big and has a strong melee attack that can potentially oneshot you. Dash through him and only attack him from behind. Do this until he dies.

You did it. You killed Hitler. Hopefully this guide helps. 5 Stars so people who sort by score can see the guide better.

My real score would be about 3.5/5 because it has some buggy mechanics and movement. Sometimes enemies will spawn already being damaged. The first boss is actually the hardest and the potions are really strange since I'm still not sure what all of them exactly do. The medals for killing the Sentinel and killing Hitler (as Rogue) don't work, at least for me. The shooting mechanic is in my opinion just really bad and inferior to melee. I would suggest instead of aiming with the mouse, binding the shooting in all 4 directions to the arrow keys or something alike. it would also make the game feel better if you could fight as a melee without the mouse. Even though there is an option to go back to the previous levels as seen with the E hovering over it, I never managed to go back once.

Other than that I actually enjoyed playing and theory crafting this game =)

GallowJolt responds:

Thanks for giving the game a go man, and glad you enjoyed your time with it! I can definitely see the benefits of having the aiming being in a sort of system you suggested, and additionally with the melee system.

Also that's a great guide, kinda wish devs could pin a review for an occasion like this haha

So if I die, I start from the beginning? I died fighting the second boss, because his lazer is an insta-death that is hard to avoid.

I don't like it. Also, nazis are overdone. Why not communists for once?

EDIT: I see. I'm sorry I didn't give you negative points then. Fuck communism

GoodL responds:

Yes, that's how roguelites work.

And I like killing nazis because I'm a communist. :)

What do the barrels do????

GoodL responds:

The have a chance to drop potions that increase your skills with melee, magic, and ranged weapons.

I died shortly after i defeated the big airship. However, great game! It could use some tweaks here and there, but overall awesome work! Thanks for entertaining us!

Not too shabby of a platformer! I always appreciate a good Nazi-killin' game, and this one has all of the necessary elements for a good core. I'd say that it just needs to polish itself up to deliver its core mechanics. The biggest thing for me is the feedback: right now it is very difficult to tell if you're being hit, or if you're hitting things, and even if you can tell from looking at the health bar, it's not as satisfying as it could be. If possible, there should be more indicators when something is hit: sounds, sparks/splatters, recoil, slowdown, anything. Also, there are some slight annoyances like the top of a ladder not being something a player can stand on, meaning you have to keep holding up awkwardly. Lack of feedback also extends to other things, like not being able to see the effects of potions and spells. If those things are added, this game could really be something great as it already has some cool elements like boss fights and such. Would love to see this game improved or more from you in general!

GoodL responds:

Thank you so much, these are some great criticisms. I completely agree with you. We'll be working on it!

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2020
10:18 AM EST
  • Unity
  • Aseprite