Britney dress up doll

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Da original

Update 11/2016 - Loop courtesy of xenogenocide


Enough Brittney Already!

God man, how many Brittney-type movies are you people gonna make?!? If everyone dislikes her, and everyone wants her to die, then you should atleast stop bringing her up on the Portal all the time. (By making Brittney-type movies) Damn, Tom is gonna have to make a new category if this keeps up! Oh yeah, this movie sucked. (So did that stupid Star Wars: Lo Mein movie)


It may be a little dumb but its kinda funny to me.

i don't know choose for me

slim, 1.54 metres, big bubbes ect..


anyways i was gonna check out this game to send to my boyfriend as a joke and twatever it sucks pretty bad. moving the clothes around properly to get them on her sucks. i realise most guys are probably just gonna strip her but if they do wanna see her in that skanky red little number or that weird ass purple thing they are gonna have a damn hard time doing so. haha! no offence but its just pretty gay.i think most little boys will severly frustrate their puny brains attempting to get these impossible-to-line-up outfits on her. good thing they likely wont be trying to.
i would really have liked this game had it involved say, stripping her down and seeing her beaten to a bloody pulp but i guess i didnt make this game so i shouldnt be so picky.

I took off the bra and the underwear....

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Nov 5, 2000
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