Britney dress up doll

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Da original

Update 11/2016 - Loop courtesy of xenogenocide


Not good.

Maybe back then, when this submission was created it seemed like it was tough to make and all that, but nowadays this submission probably shouldn't even pass the portal. The graphics were dull and this submission probably only took like five minutes to make. Not entertaining, fun or whatever. Just not a good submission. Next time add a background or better clothing, or even more original clothing, and some buttons.

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This is Dumb!

This is Stupid. Fake porn! whoever made this should take this shit some where else!

huh huh huh

Don't blame me, i'm just horny all the time!!

Lighten up ppl

What the hell is wrong with you ppl thrashing out at the author for this? I'm kinda annoyed that stuff like this are in the top Portal entries.. But it seems stupid stuff that is designed to amuse a very young audience is what's popular with most people. That's what happens with a democratic system. It's no reason to take it out on the author though. It's not like he did anything to encourage people to get this into the portal's top entries. Sure he made this stupid movie but it's not as bad as some of the stuff out there. Plus, I also find it kind of amusing that this has such a high score. Shows how many Newgrounds users must be around the age of 12.

Kinda fun

It was kinda fun, but it needed more things to do.

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3.39 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2000
1:19 AM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up