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Dress "Dubya!"

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George "Dubya" Bush's mommy is no longer available to dress her little boy, YOU are the only one who can help him!

NOTE: in case you are too quick to judge me, i'll explain my political affilliation real quick. i am in no way a communist, i'm actually a strict constitutional conservative. i don't beleive the government should make laws that restrict our freedoms in any manner (there should be no gun control and there should be no ban on drugs). i even happen to be in the military and am very supportive of our government during these years of middle-east conflict. so in the future please actually take some time to learn something about the people making the movies before you take their parodies seriously! YEAH I'M TALKING TO YOU! YOU COMMUNISTS!

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its okay

Neat dress up game, even had the feature of killing him like other games of the time.

I liked that it would just attach on instead of you dragging it around for no reason, and I found that the costumes and music were both humorous and contributed positively overall.

what is names of soundtracks?

Only a communist could've put this together, I like how you can put everything on bush, very well programed!!

lol "boys have a penis girls have a vagina"