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Hello this is a demo for our game VOiD. If you like the game please pick it up on steam.

the steam version of the game has better performance, graphics, more levels (much more), 2 new bosses and new mechanics

VOiD is available on steam:


our twitter:


our website:


You might be the last of your kind without friendship and companionship. One day you thought you have found love but you discovered that the monsters lurking in the deep are going to crush your world. In this epic quest you must reach the end by going through black holes. Try to avoid all the traps, solve all the mind-bending puzzles and escape form the powerful bosses.

OH... And one more thing .... secrets are everywhere.

Key Features:

  • Switch Gravity: Physics as you know it is not the same. Jumping does not exist and the only way to navigate the world is through flipping gravity.
  • Difficult Puzzles: Every level will be a tough challenge to finish. No easy win in the world of VOiD.
  • 68 Levels: Enough levels to keep you entertained for hours.
  • 3 Boss Escape: Powerful bosses will make you feel helpless and the only way to defeat them is to evade and escape them.
  • Collectables: Try to collect all the square coins and find all the hidden secrets as a side objective.


Arrows to move and Z to switch gravity

Enjoy :)

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1 QOL change would be to speed up the time between death and restart. Nobody wants to wait around after dying for no reason.

Very cool and well-put together game! Presentation is solid and I'm making my way through, bit-by-bit. I like the secrets that are hidden around levels, gives it a real sense of exploration (though I thought the "Hey You!" was just part of the music track at first, haha). Really enjoyable, though I do think there is a lot of confusion. For one example: I dunno why there needs to be two types of spikes: the block spikes, and the rotate-y spike balls. You'd think it's because the rotate-y spike balls are affected by gravity, and the block spikes aren't, but some spike balls aren't affected? Very inconsistent and frustrating to keep track of. Feels like the game also goes too fast into precision-platforming-based levels instead of puzzle-based levels, and those types of levels are a bit too frustrating to navigate with these controls. Still, the general feel of the game is very positive for me!

Also, there's a little bug for me where the music doesn't start after selecting a level until you die once in the level.

is a fucking good game

Get rid of the Darkness level. It's like pick-a-door stages from Mario Maker. No one likes pick-a-door stages. Game is solid otherwise.

I got all but three of the Laughing Heads, and they were in the last three rooms. I tried clicking on The Spiral level, but it kept sending me back to the title screen. If that level is unavailable, then please say as such somewhere. If it is supposed to be available, then there's something bugged with it.

This is actually a pretty decent game! Reminds me of something I'd find on Coolmath - it's kind of classic that way. I have a couple things, however. One, the intro cutscene was kind of cliche for me, I don't know, having played a lot of Coolmath in years past might have just made me very jaded towards the whole "rescue the girlfriend" thing. I rather like the aesthetic of it - dynamitewhale might have a good point there with regards to making things colorful, but otherwise it's really nice and a little spooky. Nice touch with the eyes in the walls and the strange water colors. The physics of switching gravity would be cool in a lot of other situations, but it definitely does make predicting and controlling my movement harder. Also hard to figure out how fast I can run one way or the other when there's hazards everywhere that stop me from being able to test that. That's how I managed to get stuck - I found it very hard to predict when I should be pressing the left or right arrow key after I hit Z in order to avoid the spikes, and eventually it got to the point where the combination of that and the arrangement of spikes was just too much to navigate.

Edit: I got stuck somewhere in the first section. I remember that I had to go across the entire level from right to left, dodging some gravity-obeying spikes that rose and fell at the same time as I did (as opposed to them obeying gravity in the opposite direction as me). One of them fell at a different time than the others because there was a recessed area in the ceiling. Hopefully that helps.

Retro-Gears responds:

which level did you get stuck in?