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TRAILER - Vaygren: Yvain's Reward

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Update: The animation is out now for members of Vaygren.com, our Patreon, and available for purchase on Gumroad!

Trailer for Vaygren: Yvain's Reward!

After returning from battle victorious, Yvain gives her report to Queen Alees, before receiving her reward in the queen's bedroom.


Yvain - MinteaVA (@MinteaVA)

Alees - VoiceLikeCandy (@_VoiceLikeCandy)

Cassidy - GinaGaloreVA (@GinaGaloreVA)


Animation - Cyberunique (@CyberuniqueArt)

Editing - AEHentai (@Aehentai)

Music - Jiang Shi (@JiangShiXXX)

This is the trailer for our second Vaygren OVA, out for members of Vaygren.com on February 1st, and available for patrons and on our Gumroad store shortly after!

"Ossuary 6 - Air" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


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This is some good quality

I was really disappointed that it said it was going to come out February 1st and its been 25 days otherwise love your work animation was superb, voice acting is great, and altogether has a great script

Cyberframe responds:

It's been out since Februrary first for members of Vaygren.com. We uploaded it for members of our Patreon and it's available on Gumroad now! It will go public eventually, once we have the next OVA near release.

trying to not be a hoe but I've seen your work gets my dick super hard but like the website is what just webcomic?

Cyberframe responds:

The website has comics, pinups, and more animations.

it's february 1st , what happend.

Mmmm! Very nice!