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Scrap Memories - Chapter One

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Author Comments

Note: Audio / performance issues have been reported among users of Firefox.

Please play this game on a browser other than Firefox.


[ Z / J ] - (Tap) Confirm / Interact / Wait, (Hold) to Run

[ X / K ] - (Tap) Cancel / Attack / (Hold) with Arrow Keys to face direction

[ Arrow Keys / WASD ] - Move / Face in direction

[ Number Keys / Numpad ] - Change held scrap

[ M ] - Open menu

This is a little web series that's a prequel to my upcoming game Scrap Arms, and is dedicated to the members of the Ernie Discord server! You guys are awesome!

All third party works have been properly licensed and properly used, all credited in game.

Upcoming Schedule:

Due to real life circumstances the schedule has changed. I am currently working on Chapter 2. I'm not sure when it will come out, but I'll be giving an update on the plans when the time comes.

I hope you'll support me on Scrap Arms and more things in the future.


Thank to everyone who donated, we hit the goal!

Follow Me and Stay Up To Date

Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/bigbosserndog

Ernie's Discord Server - https://discord.gg/f8Dwc7J

(Seriously if you join the Discord server, thank you! I really love talking to everyone.)

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revisiting this almost year later, and damn - awful, I mean, completely awful and confusing control scheme that takes a longer while to get into, and even then, you can accidentally make a move you don't want to make.

instead of grouping the same items together, they take separate slots - why?
also, not enough health items. the character also doesn't get better, no experience / upgrade system? bleh.

also, randomized my ass. the exact same dungeons every time I entered them.

I mean, only 17 people had beaten this game, that should indicate you something.

The story and graphics are okay and inoffensive. albeit a skip option would have been preferrable especially before the fucking boss fight where dying is easy and you have to restart from the last save, which means, going through the same motherfucking dialogue over and over again

Frankly and it'll be harsh, but I really don't want any chapter 2, at least not on newgrounds, or with medals. With that said, good luck with your project - hopefully it'll get better, and it'll make you famous and rich, even if it's not my cup of tea.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thanks for revisiting the game anyways, means a lot that you even took the time to do that. I'm really grateful :) Despite the things you say, you keep showing up to play my games. That's all I can ask for.

This took a turn for the dark. How can i beat appetite? Am i supposed to search the bins for heals?
Edit : Thx, i really needed that. :3
Edit: The only problem is the badgers. . .but they close the distance before i can hit them twice.

BigBossErndog responds:

It's definitely possible (albeit, perhaps too hard that I might change it in the future). Try and push him into the top left around the tree, or the narrow passage top right, and get it with some rubber bands. And yup, there's more weapons and heals in the bins. :)

i love the game but it's been taking me forever to try and beat the Apatite and Im having trouble defeating it ;-;

BigBossErndog responds:

Don't worry, it seems a lot of people are having trouble with it and I might have geared it towards a very specific play style. Just remember it can only attack diagonally, and it cannot move diagonally. So there are safe spots, and you can move in close to attack as long as you aren't diagonal from it. It will try to run away from you, so try and trap it in a corner where you've got a chance to hit it. I'm reworking the Appetite for future games. Thanks for playing :)

The controls are clunky and weird. I can't figure out how to heal the girl with my cheese sammich. The story looks like it has a bit of potential, but I can't get past the weird controls. Number one killer.

BigBossErndog responds:

Hi, you'll have to equip the girl with a sandwich, and then she will use it herself if she's low on health. I'm sorry about the controls, I'll try and figure it out for next time :)

Dude this was amazing and beautiful! The graphics are my favorite (forever will I be in Love with 16-bit style), the controls were very unique which made me feel VERY accomplished once I beat the "Apatite". You really have a skill for bringing out emotion in your characters. The music was perfectly implemented too.

I was sad it was over, but this is the first time I've seen your work and you can bet I'll be on the lookout for your upcoming projects.

Thank you for making this! Can't wait to see what's next.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thank you! This really means a lot to me. Unfortunately, because of many things going on in my life, complications because of coronavirus, I am unsure about the future of Scrap Arms/Memories. If you're interested in following my work you're welcome to join my Discord server, as this is where I communicate the most with people. https://discord.gg/f8Dwc7J

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2020
12:24 PM EST
  • Phaser