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food cart

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Look at this guy, he's selling everything with pita bread! The only thing he probably doesn't have in stock is a fix for a broken marriage. Or a hot dog without a pita.

You can tell how little I actually eat gyros by the way I mispronounce it

youtube mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtcREUdON60

overworld: https://wavetro.net/

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I eat gyros all the time and i say it the same way cuz you know THATS HOW YOU SAY IT


Pitas? That's what those things are called. I do like how this joke escalates. I really don't understand the punchline, though. It can certainly be hard to keep up with everything going on. Stop reminding me of PETA.

This was your first in this series! I can't tell how it isn't as funny. It's still worth watching. Dang, you were prolific this year. Do hot dogs normally come in those?

for some reason this remindsme of falling down the stairs

ey esse you want some coca cola