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Watching a series Part 3 - Karen and Nessie

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Karen is really really embarrassed. She’s pretending sleeping next to Nessie after, almost getting caught masturbating in her bed. But now, it’s Nessie turn…

Hey lewdies!

I tried making animation again in this cheap short movie :p using different tools, learning new things during one week. I hope you like it … even if they still haven’t fuck, haha!?

Have a great day!

Main post: https://lewdua.com/2020/01/14/video-watching-a-series-part-3/

Patreon https://www.patreon.com/lewdua

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Technically, all the art she sends are movies

So sexy! I love your work!

wish my GF was that nice -_- but I liked the drawings it looks realistic unlike most The dick is a little oversized tho but hey it's porn so who cares right? the one thing I don't like is why is she going to bed with glasses on Other than that it's great looking forward to part 4


thats what im talking about