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Spore Wars

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Some dumb witch turned you into a mushroom!

Now the mushroom leaders have forced you to be a common foot soldier in the Spore Wars. Run, jump, and fight your way through the green mushroom menace in this action platformer.


  • A - Move Left
  • D - Move Right
  • W - Jump
  • Mouse - Look Around
  • Left Click - Fire Weapon
  • E - Interact/Pick Up Gun
  • F - Drop Gun
  • P - Pause

MAKING OF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R08mC35v6ps

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Short and sweet! Has a very interesting, goofy and unique aesthetic to the whole thing that kinda reminds me of games like "Let It Die". The combat was a bit of a bummer, however. It felt like there wasn't any meaningful way to flex on enemies: the bullets they fire are too fast and they stay locked on to you so tightly that you can't dodge or anything fancy, so it just devolves into them draining your health and you trying to drain their health a bit faster than they can. Movement was a bit awkward as well, with me getting stuck on geometry a lot. The boss was pretty cool though: with that fight you could actually strategize and feel smart understanding his pattern, but in the end he was such a bullet sponge. The game looks like it has a lot of heart though and I'd like to see future projects!

Yeah, great graphics, decent sound but a little repetitive on the music. Fun platformer, quite tricky to land some jumps. Not bad at all

Sweet graphics! The controls were a bit "over enthusiastic", but otherwise a fun game.


Reminds me of Thing-Thing with the dialogue, art, and gameplay. Gunplay was solid, which just makes the lack of weapons even more sad; platforming was slippery; you don't get health back during mission transitions, so it can be easier to just die at the first enemy in a mission than power through; having the boss begin shooting at the bottom level is just a cheap way to take health away.

RatThing responds:

Thanks for playing the game, and for the detailed feedback! I think all of your criticism is on-point and will keep it in mind for next time.