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DVa and Widowmaker's private session

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DVa and Widowmaker cut into Katya Volskaya's office for some alone time.

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Thanks and enjoy!

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Extremely large dick, but her throat doesn't bulge? Where did the dick go?

Really great animation. Fast in some points but overall it was fine. The guy coming in with the dick for the BJ though seemed I guess a bit extra? Like there was a really good lesbian animation starting, but then it had to meet the dick quota so the guy had to teleport in to get it sucked. :D

Still was a great animation, the end just threw off cause it felt like it came out of nowhere and didn't seem to flow naturally with the rest of the scene. But that's more a perception thing. Still a production worth 5 stars ^_^

Amazing animation but yea that dick is ridiculously large lol

Good animation but damn that is an oversized cock. Make it a bit smaller.