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iF Idle Pirates Story (Full)

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New version 2.0020: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/747617?updated=1581020696


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iF Idle Pirates Story (Full version)

  • Idle game with Pirate story.
  • Mining gems.
  • Complete quests for gold.
  • Build a town.
  • Production goods.
  • Find story books on adventure maps. (Complete the adventure map twice)

Story: The days of the pirates are over. Governments banned piracy. Nobody wanted to hire pirates how sailors. And also a reward has been assigned for the capture of pirates. Therefore they cannot live in safety. Captain Black Marina have a plan how she pirates crew get receive a royal pardon and new honest life.

(Sorry guys, there wasn't enough time for the sound.)

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10 days worth of playing and the game never auto saved. was told this full version would auto save

I've never had any problems with ANY Newgrounds game not Auto Saving. Just your game. Maybe you didn't write the code properly for it to Auto Save. AND Only used the same browser on the same computer to play this game that failed at auto savingf

KotVMeshke responds:

Hi gambit374
  Autosave takes place in the local storage of the browser (opening the game in another browser, device, account - creates a local save that is not associated with others).
   Perhaps the browser blocks saving to local storage.
! If you play incognito mode (browser function), then all saves are deleted by the browser after closing the tab.

What Mochida1 said.

as of jan 14, 2020, version...

+ok graphics
++good concept

--progress stoping (little rollback, infact) every time you go out of mine's screen
--quests are useless (probably bad if you take into account it uses upgrade resources)
-not being able to buy multiple upgrades at once
-no kind of automations on an idle game makes it not idle, just slow paced active game
--wich boils down to the only real impacting mechanic of the game is clicking to open chests
-having more than 15150 of any gem is absolutely worthless, wich in turn makes upgrades to turmalines a waste of the already scarce coins
-unlocking a book does nothing besides presenting a little conversation. Pay for work - I will work.

why is there even a play/auto button if it changes nothing?
having to wait until the final construction to actually find out why you're building them can get kind of frustrating


It seems that you've put quite some effort and love into the game and therefore I'm willing to try and give some useful feedback. I do think the game has potential if you keep on working on it, but as it is now, all it has going for are the graphics and the *concept* of using different materials to trade and upgrade and then finally go on expeditions. But, being bluntly honest here, it's poorly executed.

First and foremost, gotta fix those quests rewards as the only one that is actually beneficial (although insignificantly so) is the turmaline; all others eat up gems that could be used on more meaningful ways. An easy tweak to the numbers should do the job. If you'd be willing to completely exchange that for a more engagin mechanic, it'd be way better.

Having the mine always working nonstop would greatly benefit the gameplay dynamic as the player wouldn't be dissuaded from exploring the other features. This would, however, shorten the total play time (and that would obviously hurt your monetization model), BUT, there are quite a lot of well known ways to lenghten the gameplay (newgame+, rebirths, etc).

Now, let's talk about numbers and upgrades: all resources have same number of upgrades and they all look exactly the same. A level 30 common chest upgrade costs the same as a lvl 30 LEGENDARY chet upgrade, but the rewards of a common are waaaaay worse. Why then spend a mountain of coins on it?
The same thought works for gems, but for that, let's first take a look at how upgrades on different buldings work: every upgrade adds 1% drop chance of a given good and increases next upgrade cost by 1gem. Well, since the base drop chance seems to be the same for every good, and since the upgrade cost and benefits for every gem is the same, everything is worth the same a legendary ruby has the same value of a common garnet, turmalines being the only exception for that as their upgrades are a waste of gold since you WILL cap up on them (15150 hardcap, 5050 to max a single building) before any other gems, no matter what.

Since we've just talked a bit about the cap, let's be done with it asap: get rid of it. Make gems useful all the time, no matter how small a benefit it is. Save that for future updates or features, w/e (clarify that to players though). It's a minor issue, but certainly detrimental, and rage inducing when you realize you've spent a shipload of gold on upgrades for that.

Pay for work - I will work. It's one of the two lines production buildings got, the other one being Work done! Get Reward. It shouldn't really be a problem. But since the endgame rewards (books) are only a few bits of dialogue you should at least strive to get us to know the characters better, get people to like/dislike them, or else the reward for all our work is well...underwhelming (mass effect 3 effect).
You can also read that as: this is a possible placeholder for a reward on a future update/feature.

btw, add a version number anywhere, even if you DON'T plan on udating a game, it may gives users hope that you will, and maybe keep them interested and hopefuly keep them clicking on your money links.

All that being said, let me make it clear, it's just my own opinion expressed as consctructive criticism (iow: I can't really prove any of the stuff I said) in the hopes that it can help you improve the game. I really hope you continue on working on this game, that as I've already said looks promising, so I can start raising up those stars :D


While the game has potential to become enjoyable, just the fact that doing anything else than waiting for chests (those being the only real way to progress) to charge up, kills any fun that coul've been had.

KotVMeshke responds:

Thank you very much for the very large and detailed feedback.
   Almost all the comments that you wrote, I already thought about them, you have well formulated them.
    Unfortunately, the development time was over and I had to quickly loop all the events in the game. From the outside looks like an unfinished game. (On the adventure maps, there should have been many random events like in a board game - such as battles with pirates, traps, treasures. There should have been Events in the Town Hall. The city should have been with decorations and changeable skins of buildings. Story books should have been large with many chapters. In each location there should have been characters with the ability to improve their skills and equipment. And they had to offer special quests)
   Currently, I am forced to switch to the research and development of hyper-casual games. But the current game will not disappear anywhere, but will be on board the hyper-casual game (thanks to the in-game app store, and in time I can return to improving the Idle Pirates Story)

Good time waster. The connection of the mine, money, production, trade, and exploration is solid and makes this idler intriguing to learn. The connection of the gems to production and so on could have a been a little more clear, but acquiring the last building made the purpose a lot clearer. Overall, this idler lasted me 5 hours, which I enjoyed for the most part.
However, I few concerns.
For starters, I'm not sure how stories are supposed to be unlocked, or if they are even implemented. I completed all the adventures and didn't unlock a single one. It is fine if they aren't included, but I feel somewhat cheated as they were mentioned in the town hall. Also, by the time I got to exploration, money became essentially worthless, so there was no gain in travel except completion. I was fine with this, but it did seem like a oversight. In fact, the majority of money comes from opening chests with keys, making late game quests also fruitless.
Still, this game kept my interest until the end. Keep up the good work!

KotVMeshke responds:

Thank you very much for the detailed review of the game.
1. Where to get a story books would really be clearer - if the Reward window immediately indicated what the next award would be (a story book can be obtained after the second passage of the adventure map).
2. I agree, the balance of gold coins and quests are of course set to help at the beginning of the game and needs to be improved.
3. Unfortunately, there is not enough text in the Story book (for a more atmospheric disclosure of the plot)

Not bad for an idle game, there are some bugs, says the ad thing wont connect, the Bottom row of buttons only has the top 10% of the button responding to clicks. check your hit boxes and if there is something else covering them up.

KotVMeshke responds:

Thank you for the hint - the hit boxes of the lower UI really lost sensitivity, although the hit boxes did not change (I will fix this as soon as possible)

Update: Bottom row of buttons -   hit boxes are increased, and it’s more convenient to click with the mouse, but if you tap on the screen it doesn’t always work. I'll try another option tomorrow
Update 2:
The issue is resolved.
In the VIP section is no error
Unfortunately for HTML5 games, I could not find a valid monetization. VIP section fully works only on the Android app. Therefore, I left the game as is and activated the free issuance of VIP Diamond.