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Toilet Roll Batman & Lego Mario

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Scrapbook one - Lego Mario and Toilet Roll Batman

It’s my most popular video on YouTube for some reason, so here it is in glorious Newgroundarmama

Your favourite pop culture characters all made from junk and animated.

If you can, please give me some cash so I can keep doing this. I really need the funds!

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Great work!

What the hell? This clearly deserves a much higher score. How this hasn't gotten a single award is baffling.

Great work here! The stopmotion was very well done and the sketches had a lot variety in style and humour. The pacing is what makes it truly funny, though. You mastered that. And that, along with the music, is what makes this piece shine.

the king of cringe

What a waste of a perfectly good pencil... but that said: this was great. I'm amazed this somehow missed the awards though, such a great mashup of creativity. SO MUCH.


it felt like asdfmovie, oogleies, and anymore relating to that! It feels like I'm there too! I LOVE it!