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Air Nomad

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Author Comments

​The Nomad can't jump, but they can fly temporarily and summon wind. Manage these abilities and travel from world to world in this challenging platformer.​


Move -> Arrow Keys

Summon Wind -> WASD

Reset to Checkpoint -> T + Y

Reset Level ->​​​​​ ​R + Y

​Return to Title Screen -> V + N



  • Player progress is saved when entering a new level
  • Level selection is available!
  • The player can only move with the arrow keys
  • Wind is now summoned using solely WASD




@Babajyo - Code, Level Design

@PixelFrog123 - Art

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The game's mechanics are solid, but I wish there were music credits. I was wondering who made the title screen music. I am aware that at least 9/10 songs are stock music.

For something that looks so simple, it actually delivers a lot of great content with its cool levels and large number of interesting mechanics (and I actually like the goofy way our hero just rotates as he flies). My only complaint would be that I felt some of the levels might be better reorganized to flow better: felt like the block pushing levels might be best left for the middle portion instead of introducing them so early: have the first levels just be flying around and managing fuel and switches. Game has some really cool levels that stood out to me, such as the boss fight and the level with the two blocks synchronized rising like a race: reminded me a bit of I Wanna Be The Guy. Also loved the varied music which was a treat for each level!

Love this lil game. cool tunes, good animation, tricky puzzles and fun to play.
So glad it had checkpoints cause i died a thousand times on some parts XD

My first death: the level where round blue stuff that refills air appears.
Nice game.

The boss "battle" is a little easy compared to the rest, but otherwise great game, intuitive mechanics, just could have used a bit more content. Very polished. Z/O for wind seems fine for me.