Crimson Keep Chapter 3

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UPDATE 4/6/2020

Hello everyone, since CK4 dropped, I wanted to update the build on CK3 to change a few things.

  • First of all, the dirt devil glyph gem drop rates were increased, because a lot of you reported trouble getting it to drop from random encounters.
  • The bug where the game freezes if you talk to Rivan after getting the Flame Nurturing Draught from Iridia has been fixed, I think. I was still never able to reproduce this bug, but I've created a workaround that I hope will prevent this from happening in the future - let me know if it still does.

Hello everyone.

The following changes have been made since the CK3 beta:

  • 3 new animations; every enemy now has an unlockable animation.
  • Adjustable autosave function that will save the game at 1 to 20 minute intervals.
  • Quest Log which tells you where the imps are and how many you missed in the lowtown/midtown quests.
  • Attribute chart to tell which elements are weak/strong against which
  • Guaranteed drop rate on quest related items
  • Bugfixes for every reproducible glitch that people encountered in CK3
  • Interactivity in fullscreen mode

Hopefully this addresses the issues people had with CK3.

If you haven't played the previous chapters, I highly recommend playing:

Chapter 1: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/736409

Chapter 2: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/739018

Downloadable versions and hi-res art can be found at my patreon page:


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what do the hearts in the gallary mean?

Ayo where can I get the mp3 for building interior, that shit good

also in the atribute chart, when clicked upon, light has the same icon as darkness

How do you get the earth magic??

hello i have the bug with rivia i have the decorative harping and i'm lvl 22 (my lvl as block i can't drop more exp)

this game is a masterpiece ! I love the comba animation and the covenant strategy since the chapter one and he keeps improving. The characters are funny, attractive ! I can't wait to start chapter 4 but ahah I haven't finish this chapter.
And just for asking..IS it normal to be stuck to lvl 22