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Some Space Game

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A 2D, top-down shooter survival space game of sorts.


Music: Done by varies artists on newgrounds.com


Pause: E

Shoot: Left Mouse Button. Simple attack.

Charge: Right Mouse Button. The charge ability will launch you to the mouse location, and make you immune to bullets while dealing slight damage to enemies.

Move: just point the mouse to where you want to go.


Charge Shooting: Try using the charge ability to hold yourself still while you shoot.

Pick Ups:

Charge Upgrade: Charge deals more damage to enemies

Machine Gun: Shoot much much faster

Repair: Fixes up your ship

Please leave a comment. If you would like, you can download "Some Space Game" on itch.io.

Link to download page:https://splitscreen.itch.io/some-space-game

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I wish the bullets were bigger but anyways, the game is pretty cool! :O

Fun little game. One thing though, the charge to keep still feels a bit like a hack since I use it constantly meaning I keep charging around the place and I guess that's not the original intent?
Anyway, nice game overall!

Catbugpig responds:

It actually is the original intent, although I suppose I didn't make seem that way.
Thanks for the feedback.

Hard to play... It's difficult to play, the ship is very fast and so before I start shooting them close to a friend. Graphics are very simple, how long have you been doing this? Change the speed of the ship and then it will be ok! Thank you for using my tracks!

Catbugpig responds:

That's not a bad idea. I'll definitely try that out. I've been working on games for about 4 or 5 years, since I was about 12. Although I've only been doing pixel art for maybe a year.
Thanks for trying it out and thank you for the track.

This game, is beyond my understanding of good, well done!

Catbugpig responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

Cool Game! I like the sprites and the combat, although the very start it can be a bit difficult to maneuver from center-screen. To combat this I would just add a countdown so that the player can position themselves before the wave starts, but I think your inclusion of the charge does help with this. Overall, nice job!

Catbugpig responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the help. I'll be sure to add that in.