code[M31] - Climax Yoga

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Your favorite thicc scientist is stressed out. Help her out by pumping her with some positive energy. ;p

I originally coded in the two side panels as slider puzzles, but decided they were annoying and replaced them with finished pictures with three variations. You can "paint" them by clicking anywhere on the picture. ;)

I wanted to add more frames and interaction to the simulation content, but ran out of time. I already had quite a bit of frames taking into account the tone and panty variations.

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Stuck on the "All characters bla bla bla ..." screen :(

This is some good stuff.

Well done.

Great work!

i would love to see you make a copy of the game but with the GAMBOY ADVANCED chick from godzilla domination forgot what her name is since its been a while from when i last played it i think in 2000.

Bro I didn't even end up playing the game because I was too busy vibing to the bomb-ass main menu soundtrack. Where did you find this music?