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Mental Cuisine

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Stuck in an endless routine, a popular chef must re-discover the joy in his work.

There was chef who was quite renowned

Throughout the world all around

Known for a certain special recipe

Which was loved by all to such a degree

That he never again a devised new meal

It was prepared over and over like an endless wheel

Then at last, disaster struck

His great success had run amok

For no memory or recollection came to mind

Of the great recipe he had designed

To search for the remembrance he lost

Into his own consciousness he was tossed

Intent on his activity

Walking past his own creativity

Covered in cranial cobwebs all around

Like some sort of thinking mound

He looked around neurons and edges

He walked right across intellectual ledges

Traversing his own gray matter

Hearing his heart pitter patter

After hours that seemed like days

The Chef stopped in a daze

Crying out in complete despair

For his brain's memory was in total disrepair

However out from shadows a mysterious figure was revealed

The sight of which caused the Chef to yield

Gazing across at his own double

He feared a great trouble

And fled over the treacherous mindscape

Until he reached a point of no escape

Glancing back at the pursuer in frustration

The Chef came to a realization

That doppelganger was none other than his subconscious personified

There was no reason to be terrified

Reaching out to his inner mind through a glow

The Chef recalled memories lost long ago

He remembered creating that dish for the first time

As a young chef in his prime

He could create it from scratch once more

That thought opened a mental door

Through which he released his ingenuity

Still with some anxiety

He made a new dish to rival the old

One which was greater or so I've been told

Perhaps the previous would remain stuck in the his mind

At a spot that the Chef could never find

But that was a worry that he rejected

For the Chef found something he had neglected

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