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Hello, hello! Aside from all of the Sonic reanimated and that one game parody animation I did, here's something original Rasty's creator and I have been planning upon for awhile - series titled "END-venturers" (cuz they're adventurers going to their end... or ending someone else, you never know)

This was supposed to be a Christmas special, but unfortunately I couldn't calculate my slow ass animating so ended up finishing it up right before New Years, haha.

Anyways, HUGE thank you to eyes_laali for voicing the Sharron woman who beat the rat out of Rasty!! Please follow this legend, she has some pretty tasty arts: eyes_laali on Instagram

Also, don't forget to follow these folks who helped out:

RastyRat on Twitter - Writer, voice/creator of Rasty

TrashKinq on Twitter - drew two first backgrounds

ZweebArt on Twitter - moral support and helped a lot on the animation

Support on:

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Twitter ? Facebook ? (dying) DeviantArt

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I’m usually the guy who has to question why people are making a fuss over what looks like a human with rat ears and a tail, even though there are even weirder characters in this world, but I’m just gonna accept that it’s just a cartoon. Anyway the art and animation was great but the writing was, meh, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t too good either.

nuclear-smash responds:

Thanks for the feedback! As for writing, I'm still learning, but hopefully things will improve as more episodes will be out.
And no need to question things, this is not the kind of cartoon that has any logical answer anyways.

This was amazing, Nuclear! I love the start of the END! :)

Need better work with sound and voice. Anyway that was cute. Happy new year!

nuclear-smash responds:

Still learning still learning, but eventually we'll get there! Thank you very much and happy new year to you too!

ja, neat!

nuclear-smash responds:

Thank you!!

Very cute! Alma is a really neat character and Rasty's pretty adorable too

nuclear-smash responds:

Thank you, glad you liked the main gals!