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LQ: Flirting in the Forest

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Lust Quest: Flirting in the Forest is a remake of Lust Quest: Cannie with some new bells and whistles. This is a Lewd Questing game where you play novice adventurers taking odd jobs and getting in over your head.

Today you play as Prota and are joined on an adventure by Cannie as you try to find out why the denizens of the forest have been hit by a huge wave of Lustful energies, so much so that they cannot control themselves.

This game contains NSFW content of an anthropomorphic variety both through text and through images.

The options menu is transparent and at the top right of the game client. You can adjust the volume there.

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NSFW art and icons by @jacobsprouse97

With music by @velocirection

And @UberwulfX

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i love the game good characters and battles

this is really cute UwU

Found a bug. After fighting the first lustful enemy, and walking to the far right corner (before the second enemy) you get stuck behind a tree in the foreground. due to the clicking nature of the tree, I can't actually click out of the tree's area.

Good game overall, just wanted to point out the bug.

Edmang responds:

thanks for catching the bug. I'm going to be doing better testing/level design in the future so that people can't get stuck behind things like that.


The art style is really cute, and for a short little game the game play is fair and easy to follow. I do wish I knew if my moves were effective before usiing them or if it had types or advantages, or base "damage" but regardless, I loved it!