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Dou Vs Lilith - Sensitive Tail (RELEASED)

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Lilith belongs to @NsfwOopsy

Please go and give em much love, their art is AMAZING❤️

Dou's VA


Lilith's VA


Sound Design




Dou: Is that all you got, demon?

Lilith: Please, stop!

Dou: Do you prefer me rubbing your tail instead, hmm?

Lilith: N-No! That's my most sensitive part!

Dou: Too bad, I'll keep rubbing it, bitch!


Dou: You came with just a kiss? Noob.

Lilith: I feel so humiliated..

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Sex fight? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BLOOD?! She fucking ejaculated hearts out her tail?! What the fuck is wrong with you, diives?

Lovely ❤


dou looks hotter kinda

I keep coming back, i fucking love this for some reason. Gj diives