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Piocyals' hatch day

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You can find the musician here

There are 3 different creatures here. The humanoid characters are twoez, the blue dolphin-like creature is a shabit and the bird/octopus creatures are piocyals.

This animation is not the best, specially with the sounds. The sound department was struggling with this one but he did what he could. I think I might have make this animation within 14 to 16 days or so.

I had a little challenge with the people on YouTube to guess who the character holding the violin whose face we can't see was and only _Ayamaru_ guess who it was so congrats to her!

Fun facts

SweetKey is actually part mermaid but he didn't inherited fish tail or fin.

Both shabits and piocyals are water creatures but they can also be on land.

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You obviously put a lot work and love into this, and I have to say I enjoyed it!
The characters feel like very odd Victorian era colonist in the Caribbean islands.
The animals being scared off like that reminds we of the Sand Pipers, a cute little bird being driven to extinction by atv and dune buggies.
Thanks for making this.

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2019
3:30 AM EST

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