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Staff of Lust

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Cora and Reeksees finally uncover the Staff of Lust, a magical artifact capable of pure raw lust.

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zone tan


Very great work! Very nice animation, nice soundwork, dialogue is fine for what it is, and there is good camera view, and sexual pose variety.

I loved that Dark Souls reference, that made me smirk, and I liked the expressions on their faces, especially close to the end with Reeksees holding Cora in a light snuggle.

Great work!

Now this is epic.

First of all, great work! The animation is smooth and the transitions and dynamic camera angles work well. The voice acting is a massive contributing factor to this great story.

This reminds me of Corruption of Champions (CoC), a click and read flash game, without the gross ass descriptions of how a magically/sexually powered half-snake, half-plant monster lady and her equally horny posse to ram your character (male turned to female and vice versa) until you lose all your health, stamina, consciousness and wake up afterwards in your camp with crazy ass libido, and having your character lose his/her sanity because he/she has to lay boulder sized eggs in the morning...

Again, great work!

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2019
5:06 PM EST