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Testing her presents

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Mercy got a bunch of tentacles for Xmas. You can find some extra pics from the links below.

Other links:


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daaaaaamn boi she T H I C C

Looks gorgeous! Thank you and keep at it!

Nice. Look forward to seeing the animation you mentioned to the other guy.

Not bad but not great either. Kind of sad how it is just a couple of loops from three different camera angles. I was expecting the one tentacle to slowly penetrate her but nothing ever happens. As long as Mercy is happy though, I think that's whats most important yea?

EDIT: Wow, thanks for the response, quite helpful and informative. :o Best of luck with the longer tentacle animation, hope it turns out well.~

MeltRib responds:

This was a quick Xmas special (that was originally just a single poster, but which I decided to add some movement to afterwards), and I wanted to get it out in time for Xmas. Sure if I could afford to hire more people to work with me, I could make a lot longer clips, a lot faster too.

But anyways, I have been working on a properly longer tentacle animation for a while now. And it will be out at some point after I'm done with the Xmas stuff. The problem is that animating tentacles just takes more time, especially when there are a ton of them all moving their own way. Since I have to animate every single joint of every single tentacle separately.