A Very Fulped Up X-mas

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***UPDATE*** 3/23/03 audio is now fixed!

Tom Fulp gets ready for Chrismtas and everything doesn't go the way he planned it to be. And Wade comes along...

I finally finished this movie. It starts off slow then gets better. I had some audio problems but i'm not going to sit here and figure it out some more.

*UPDATE Whoo hoo #5 of the day. I guess MI4_Real_2001 and i make a great team. hehe. this movie only took a week to make and on X-mas eve eve i spent 8 hours on it total. hehe

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omg hahah this rules!

omg that was so funny haha keep up the great work
=) good job..

hahahahahah!!! Waid-Santa!! awesome!

dude, that was some nice stuff right there XD haha. and to think that you made this over two years ago now! haha.
the concept was excellent - Tom as a little kiddy getting a crappy pico doll was great! hahaha. i thought it was also hella funny that Wade was Santa, roffelcopter lolerskates!! hahaha. on to the technical stuff....
the graphics were great, i thought. the characters were very well drawn, especially Wade. lots of detail on the guns aswell, so the gaphics looked cool overall.
the animation was alright, but a bit slow/choppy at times i thought. example - Tom jumping on his present looks crappy, and also when he throws the snowball at Santa's house.
the audio, however, was excellent. i loved the Christmas music in there, and the sound effects along with the hilarious voice acting and dialogue made for a great movie.
all in all, one helluva christmas movie! nice work!


what were you smokeing? anyways good work and ship some of that stuff my way

YoinK responds:

i don't smoke.

That was great

That was hilarious, great story, good voices and music, and nicely drawn and animated, keep it up.

YoinK responds:

yea thanks NasFlash

more light humour

Haha a spoof featuring our very own creator of Newgrounds - Tom Fulp! How original, hmm how did I guess this would soon come along?
Nevertheless an overall nice funny cartoon short like 1-800-kill this was some light-hearted humour, nothing really to set me in a fit of hysterics but then again something to cheer me up a bit, which is what you seem to specilize in :) the music was nice and the joke was pretty funny, but you're right it did start off very slow but as it got on longer it got much better. Well done!

You have just been reviewed by

YoinK responds:

light humor is better than no humor.

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3.17 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2002
1:40 PM EST
Comedy - Parody