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The Grand Grimoire Chronicles - Episode 3

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Author Comments

Head to the north west of Scotland to investigate some mysterious disappearances linked to a now abandoned island. The island was once a lookout and there was small community there. The legend goes that there was the spirit of a famous Scottish gallowglass that protected the land, and some say that he's still there, keeping watch.

UPDATE 24 Dec 2019
+ Sound bug fix
+ Made some things easier to spot

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Sad. Not entertaining. Not smooth flowing. Sigh.

The music and art style are great, and the storyline was intriguing enough to keep me playing until the end. The island gave off an ominous and spooky vibe, and exploring it was really fun.

Like some other comments have mentioned, this game does suffer from having too much "empty" space. There are entire scenes (e.g. the houses in the beginning) that serve no gameplay purpose. I understand that their purpose is to add to the game's immersion, but the clickable areas in these scenes effectively act as red herrings and make it harder to advance the game, especially when the player gets stuck.

Additionally, there are so many areas that can interacted with that it's sometimes difficult to tell which areas actually advance the game. The crack containing the triangular stone is a good example of this. Why are all the cracks able to be interacted with if only one is actually important?

Lastly, when I smashed the stone tablet with the hammer/mallet, I ignored the "Game Complete" message and exited the scene. I wanted to see if the spirit left anything behind, and I expected the message to still be there when I returned. Unfortunately, the message was gone, effectively soft-locking the game. I was forced to restart the game, but I was soft-locked again when the rusty crowbar did not appear in the first warehouse.

Overall, a great game, but with some kinks to work out. Keep up the good work!

Pretty cool game; love the graphical/sound style to it. Has an overall crisp and professional feel to it, along with atmosphere. The game can drag at times, however, due to a lot of empty and unused space at times. For example, it felt like there could've just been the one screen for the docks instead of having all the other screens with boats. Just felt like everything before the island proper was just busywork without much payoff. The island was proper spooky and cool, though, so kudos.

Really good but i've been wandering around with a plank, rope, pulley and lathe for an age now.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Sounds like you need to checkout the lookout tower again. PM me if you need more help!

I have no idea what to do next now, i'm stuck in the stone tablet, do i have to get a certain item? any clues?
pretty good game so far, very entertaining.

Edit: I got nothing on my inventory, last things i used were the small box and the poley, still don't know what i'm missing

JeffreyDriver responds:

What have you got in your inventory at the moment?

Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2019
6:31 PM EST