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ECCHIcation Episode 2 - 'Breasts'

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On ECCHIcation, ZONE-tan, the mascot for ZONE-Archive teaches you about some of the lewder Japanese words and phrases with the 'help' of her announcer, Dave Franklyn.

I've been so busy, I totally forgot to upload this to Newgrounds when it came out last month! So sorry, everyone!! Subsequently, the print mentioned the end is no longer available although the hat & t-shirt still are.

Social media & links:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/z0ne
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/zonesama
Patreon: http://patreon.com/zone
Merchandise: http://sharkrobot.com/zone

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Nice show here

The voice work is amazing cant get over how good the actress is, now ofcourse knowing me I would suggest some subtitles but this is still amazing work, And so with all that said this was a good toon nice content some good entertainment value to this and while this review is comming to an end I still did enjoy your work here and look forward to seeing more of it in the future, I have been excitedly reviewing this as it had alot of nice elements and alot to offer so props to you on this one you have impressed this reviewer greatly with this entry.

now ofcourse knowing me I would suggest some subtitles but this is still amazing work


Should this be on informative instead of comedy.

Didn't realize the Japanese language had such a rich vocabulary for certain terms... should've known though. Great stuff. Knowledge drastically expanded already within these very niche fields.


zone tan is the smallest (looks at zone-tan's breasts), those are possibly a c-cup... yeah, nope, japanese are dreaming if they think that's the smallest, as I have seen worse, waaay worse, here, in the US... grown ass women, flat as a board... and I ask myself (from the other side of the spectrum)... why?

nice and educative animation.

Learning with Zone-tan!