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YouTube / COPPA ( political satire cartoon )

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The following is a work of satirical fiction . Anyone in the public eye is parodied / satirized fictitiously . This program is intended for mature audiences only which might not be appropriate to sensitive viewers.
Besides, it's only a satirical adult cartoon .

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On its own merits, I suppose this animation is okay, I won't judge on the looks since far worse-looking animations were able to achieve success... but I expected more than a funny talking head.

If a satirical parody must be carried by a single, essentially static character, then in order to be easy to follow, the lines have to be delivered in the same manner as a one-man show; pacing needs to be perfect, jokes and humor need to be on point while still conveying the message you want to convey.

You have the message and definitely the opinion, but ... well, now, you need everything else, because it's honestly not very funny, it reads like an opinionated rant on COPPA and Youtube, but really little else.

Either way, good luck for the future.

officialericcrooks responds:

I appreciate the constructive criticism however the only point I see within it is simply you didn’t find it entertaining which I admit it’s a required taste. Could things have been done better to improve it’s quality ? Yes I agree. But if one is not working with Hollywood budget and one doing something topical , it’s a battle between being topical vs quality. Still I don’t think this is a one-man show because it’s all done by a non-binary Transgender woman ( aka me ) which I managed to make a little cameo ;) .
Political comedy monologue pieces would probably be more acceptable from a human character on Saturday Night Live since it’s extremely boring for cartoon animation. I admit that it’s NOT the greatest and timeless animated cartoon masterpiece in the history of the world but instead being a topical political cartoon that happens to be animated.
When it comes to entertainment or anything else , it all depends on the individual’s taste and their education of the world around them.
This satirical piece isn’t accepted by mainstream America so I did my job right. ;) It’s leftist and not liberal / centrist / conservative / ( right wing ) libertarian party . No wonder it’s offensive. It’s not even apolitical which I’m sure most would rather prefer. In my opinion for something to be funny , it needs to be creative and or satirical. Entertainment today doesn’t seem to be made by the artists’ prospective as it once was but more than ever before commodified 100% for the most part . Which explains why America ended up getting the television series DC Follies instead of Spitting Image in the 1980s ( which an American version would have been made by the original team including it’s satirist writers like Ian Hislop ) after the 3 NBC specials aired and failed to capture positive interest of American viewers.
Now is this satirical animated cartoon parody sketch of mine just an opinionated bias rant on the YouTube / COPPA policy or leftist propaganda or both ? As I said before , everything is commodified in entertainment . And not just the mainstream but all people who accept the status quo in which hierarchy / authoritarianism is blindly accepted as normal human nature which I beg to differ and much prefer as an Anarchist instead Liberty , Equality and Solidarity . Just my opinion , still people would view me as an out of control stereotypical Social Justice Warrior / Butthurt / Snowflake just for expressing my views . Most people don’t read books. If it’s accepted by the rich ( who didn’t work hard but instead exploit their workers ) , then people believe it’s legit. Perhaps smugness comes with being a satirist but that’s just the literary art form not the entertainer which this capitalist world commodifies and says it’s their job is to please others as well as anyone else which explains why people fear that if they don’t please others then they could risk Alienation / Isolation or even employment and beyond.
Emma Goldman and Charlie Chaplin were kicked out of America just for expressing their Anarchist / leftist political and philosophical points of view , likewise same with John Lennon almost got thrown out in the same fashion aka Nixon’s Immigration excuse .
Regardless of whoever is in power , it seems like Mccarthyism is making a comeback or perhaps it never died out in some way or another.
When it comes to cartoon satire that’s not all things to everyone , perhaps Robert Crumb comes to mind ( who moved to France in the 1990s and lived their since ) as well as the whole entire point of 1960s / 1970s Underground Comix movement.
Just because someone performs a rude character does not mean they are a nasty individual.
I think satire has it’s roots just like cartoons and puppets within leftist politics. For example Ian Hislop talking about some of the origins of satire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xERhhKBotbw
Most people aren’t even aware of Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent. The whole point I want to make is in my opinion , this would be easily disliked because it’s not only a non-commodified / mainstream acceptable animated cartoon but it’s leftist which political points of views are often disliked as satire itself. With that being said , what do I consider to be satire ? Les Guignols De L’info and Spitting Image are the top best in my opinion. I still need to check out more of Charlie Hebdo and Private Eye Magazine which both are extremely similar and some even have people connections between the two. Mad Magazine as well as others have influenced many satirists in the field as well as the works of James Gillray in the mix.
There was rumors about a possible American versions of Spitting Image and Les Guignols for modern times which I expressed my opinion in a video “ won’t work “ because it would be commodified to conform to the American market https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmVbxaS88Wo . This isn’t just due to limiting politics but creativity as a whole. That’s why remakes of classic cartoon characters tend to fail as well as why The Simpsons / South Park aren’t as good as they once was.
And regarding the YouTube / COPPA situation , I think this very satire made it’s point that in the public eye they seem to be against one another but in truth perhaps they are in bed with each other ( aka The Ruling Class ) . If none of that makes sense to you then I would recommend An Anarchist FAQ. http://anarchism.pageabode.com/afaq/index.html . _ Erica