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I need to put together a demo reel, so expect more animations soon! (hopefully)

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The TF crowd will love it!
EDIT: It's a transformation fetish community. xD

Smokymoka responds:

what's that?
EDIT: ohhhh xD

Voice acting needs a bit of work. For better practice just take a clip of a meme or a movie/show and use the audio from that :P

Smokymoka responds:

That's a good idea! I might just do that.
I also got a few messages from some more professional people offering as VAs, so I won't use my bad set up next time :'D

I'm only taking half a star off cause of the mic quality. Everything else about this animation is lovely. The style, movement, colors. It's a great animation.

Could've had some glowing eyes at the end there too when the light turns off. :) Fun little sketch here! The animation's great, the audio though: a little bit echoey. Maybe some curtains or carpets or dampening things could help with recording.


voice acting and mic quality is shit

the animation is very good. unique style, smooth, good keys, color, all great.

Smokymoka responds:

Lol sorry we didn't have a decent recording set up💦 thanks though!